What we do.
Along time ago, in a world of floppy drives, VGA
monitors and big hair, we was providing training and
support for governmental, science and engineering
firms. There was alot of travel involved. I soon learned
that the same services I was providing to corporations
was needed by home users as well. So, I opened this
shop in Elizabeth in 1996, and here we are.
RSR Tech - The Computer Shop in Elizabeth - 412-384-4993
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We are open from 10:30 till 6, Monday through
Friday. Open late many evenings, If you want your
computer to be faster and more stable than new,
bring it down today or call 412-384-4993.
Well, to put it simply, we help people with their
computers. Whether your computer needs fixed, or
you have questions concerning the operation of
your computer, we are here to help you.

Data backup and recovery are available.

Not sure if the computer is serviceable or even
worth repairing? Bring it in to our shop and our
initial consultation is free. When you bring your
computer into our shop we will turn your computer
on while you wait, and give you a quick
assessment of your computer, and give you an
immediate estimate on what it will take to get your
computer running fast the way it should.
nning slow? Are you thinking about buying a
new one? Don't waste your money! We make
your computer fast again for a fraction of the
Where we came from.